Breaking;AOC Loses New York Primary Election, Will Return to Bartending

The biggest surprise from Tuesday’s New York primary election was the stunning, crushing defeat of freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. While all polls had given her a huge lead, her opponent for the Democratic nomination, Sandy Batt, surprised everyone with a 22-point win. Alessandra Ocasek-Cortex was completely shocked by the results. She was expecting to win … Read more

Video;Democrats’ Secret $82,000 Pay Raise Exposed

Greed is what motivates Democrats in Congress. They don’t serve the people. They serve themselves and get filthy rich at the taxpayer’s expense. It’s been widely reported that the Democrats slipped a pay raise for Congress into the stimulus bill. Most of these reports have the amount of the raise between 20 and 30k. Those … Read more

Video;Biden Says the Second Amendment is ‘Obsolete’

During the Republican National convention, President Trump spent a lot of time covering the dangers and ill-advised policies of a Biden administration. An America under the supervision of the radical Democrat candidate seems, at least to his watchful eye, a disaster in the making with our very lives and freedoms in serious jeopardy. Vice President … Read more

Pelosi: ‘Social Security Recipients Are Just A Burden On Society’

t’s no secret that the Democrat Party wants to eliminate the senior’s income and medical programs that citizens have paid into all their lives. They constantly talk about massive cuts to both Social Security and Medicare. Cortez and Omar are known to have called the programs ‘entitlements’ and seek their elimination. House Democrats are constantly … Read more