Lack of energy can make daily life hard

However, some us have such an excellent degree of fatigue that we discover even daily tasks like household work a very hard.

Before I jump into why you’re feeling tired all the time, i might wish to clarify the difference between tiredness and fatigue. Is it the same?

But for the needs of this text , i will be able to use fatigue and tiredness synonymously.


Probably one among the foremost common reasons for why people feel tired is stress. Stress can range not just from what happens at work but also reception and in reference to one’s health. However, emotional stress appears to possess the utmost effect on energy levels and may affect how one sleeps a day and the way they lead their life during the daytime.

Generalised mental disorder is a particularly common problem in India and is closely related to stress. Even the littlest problems now become quite significant though they might be managed during a simple manner.

There are variety of reasons why someone are often susceptible to developing stress even in non-stressful situations. this will be associated with genetics, chemical imbalances within the brain and dietary and lifestyle choices. it’s also believed that those that have poor gut health can also be susceptible to developing stress (probiotics are useful in such a situation).

One of the simplest ways to manage emotional stress is thru rest and relaxation techniques. Yoga has gained an excellent deal of importance within the previous couple of years and is recognised together of the simplest ways to manage stress and reduce tiredness. Getting the proper amount of sleep a day is additionally important and this has been discussed afterward within the article. Regular exercise is additionally extremely useful in lowering fatigue.

There are certain supplements available which will help enhance mood and improve energy levels.


Water is an important a part of the human ecosystem. Every cell within the body requires water to function normally. Without sufficient quantities of water within the body, dehydration can set in and this will cause excessive tiredness and fatigue.

However, dehydration isn’t just the loss of water. It also includes the loss of certain essential electrolytes that are important in maintaining a healthy environment for cells and tissues.

Thirst may be a basic sign of dehydration. When your body has lesser quantity of water within it, the brain recognises this and stimulates the thirst mechanism. this is often once you would crave a glass of water.

There are many causes of dehydration which will cause fatigue. The presence of an illness like vomiting and diarrhoea is one among the foremost common causes. If you’ve got been call at the sun too long, excessive sweating and therefore the lack of sufficient water intake can cause dehydration also . Sugary beverages like soda and juice that has added sugar can make one thirsty and lower water content within the body.


Anaemia may be a condition where there’s low quantities of haemoglobin within the body. this suggests that there’s insufficient amount of blood to hold oxygen and nutrients to all or any the cells and tissues. the top result’s excessive tiredness.

Other symptoms of anaemia include breathlessness on exertion, overall body weakness, inability to concentrate, problems with digestion and even cardiac symptoms like pain and sweating.

If one were to research the causes of anaemia, the foremost common reasons would be the shortage of sufficient quantity of iron within the bloodstream. However, women who have heavy periods can also become anaemic thanks to the loss of blood.

There are certain medications which will be prescribed for patients with various clinical conditions which will cause dehydration. those that have diabetes and high blood glucose levels can feel excessive thirst. However at an equivalent time, they pass excessive amounts of urine and this will cause dehydration also . Dehydration isn’t an honest check in someone who has diabetes as this will be life-threatening.

Stress is one more reason for dehydration.

The bottom line message is that if your body is low in water content, you’ll begin to feel tired. the simplest thanks to replenish water and electrolytes is to possess natural replenishing solutions which will top up these missing electrolytes. coconut milk is considered one among the simplest rehydration solutions. Watermelon juice, cucumber, citrus fruits, pineapple, kiwifruit and peppers are all high in water content and may help improve the hydration status and energy levels.

If you’re someone who exercises vigorously, confirm that you simply replenish your body’s lost water and electrolytes regularly to stop yourself from tiring out. the utilization of isotonic drinks could also be beneficial but don’t overindulge in it either. Water is that the best rehydration solution.

Lack of Sleep:

Most adults require a minimum of 6 to eight hours of sleep nightly to reset and recharge their body. people who get insufficient sleep will eventually begin to experience fatigue all the time.

Not only that, poor sleep has also been linked to loss of memory and a rise the danger of heart condition . Weight gain is additionally a drag if you are doing not get enough sleep.

There are many reasons why someone might not get sufficient amount of sleep. Stress appears to be the foremost common cause. Excessive consumption of alcohol every evening also can cause poor sleep. Certain medications that are prescribed for clinical conditions also can cause lack of sleep and possibly insomnia. those that suffer from pain for any reason whatsoever may have difficulty sleeping. Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, also called acid reflux disease, is one more reason why someone may need difficulty falling asleep.

Finally, new parents who have an infant crying most of the night also will have difficulty sleeping and should feel excessively tired during the day time.

Lack of Exercise:

When you exercise, you stimulate the muscles of the body to figure in overdrive. this will cause muscle fatigue which successively can tell the brain that you simply got to sleep and reset the muscle strength and performance .

It has been found consistently that those people that exercise on a daily basis rarely have trouble sleeping. additionally to the present , those that exercise for a minimum of half-hour each day have more energy levels than those that lead a totally sedentary lifestyle.

With the IT industry booming, an outsized number of people now spend a majority of your time at add front of a computer desk. The sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help when it involves boosting energy levels. It can cause chronic back pain, neck pain and various muscle aches and pains. Once work for the day has concluded, very rarely would someone have the interest or drive to travel and exercise.

The good thing about regular exercise is that it releases morphine-like hormones called endorphins. These endorphins offer you a ‘high’ which stimulates the mind and makes it a lively . This proactively helps you reduce your fatigue levels.

These days, exercises are prescribed as a treatment for insomnia. If you’ve got low energy levels, take up any sort of exercise like brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling or any sporting activity of your choice. If you’ve got a sedentary job, rise up every hour and choose a quick walk for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes.

Clinical Depression:

Depression may be a quite common mental disturbance in India though it’s underreported mostly thanks to the stigma attached thereto . However, it’s natural to urge yourself down within the dumps supported personal situations. there’s no shame in experiencing depression as there’s treatment readily available lately within the sort of counselling and drugs .

Depression are often caused by variety of things and is liable for excessive fatigue when no other medical cause are often identified. High levels of stress, emotional problems associated with children or relations , high intake of alcohol, lack of sufficient nutrients within the diet and staying indoors most of the time is all associated with the event of depression.

Hormonal imbalances also are known to be a number one explanation for depressive disorder .

The good news is that depression are often easily managed. Firstly, one must recognise that they’re experiencing depression and hunt down medical attention with a psychiatrist or psychologist. A psychiatrist would often recommend medications which may take anywhere between 4 to six weeks to kick in and have a beneficial effect.

Thyroid Disease:

The thyroid may be a small gland located within the neck that’s liable for the secretion of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are essential for all times and regulate numerous processes within the body.

Thyroid disease is extremely common in India, especially in women. it’s related to variety of various symptoms that change counting on whether the gland is overworking or underworking. In short, the symptoms include excessive tiredness, muscle and joint pains, weight gain or weight loss for no reason, decreased ability to concentrate, change in appetite and changes in blood heat .

Diagnosing thyroid disease is straightforward and may be done through an easy biopsy . Once a biopsy has confirmed thyroid disease, medication can help restore normal thyroid function.

In addition to medication, certain foods also can help improve thyroid function. A gluten rich and dairy free diet seems to assist some extent.

Sleep Apnoea Syndrome:

Sleep apnoea syndrome, sometimes called obstructive sleep apnoea, may be a clinical condition where the throat narrows during sleep times resulting in excessively loud snoring and interrupted sleep in the dark . In patients who have obstructive sleep apnoea, there are periods where they sleep normally interspersed with periods once they stop breathing completely for a couple of seconds.

This period once they stop breathing completely is named apnoea. The episodes of apnoea can lower oxygen levels within the blood and may wake the person up without them realising that they’re awake. This constant cycle of sleeping and wakefulness within the middle of the night can make a private excessively tired during the daytime.

Obstructive sleep apnoea is usually seen in overweight men. those that drink an excessive amount of alcohol and smoke regularly are at a greater risk of developing this problem.

The primary thanks to manage obstructive sleep apnoea as a explanation for fatigue is to exercise regularly and to lower weight .


With over 70 million people affected by diabetes in India, it’s not uncommon to encounter many of them who have low energy levels and feel tired all the time.

When we consume food, it’s weakened by enzymes within the gastrointestinal system into smaller components, one among which is glucose. This glucose is absorbed by the bowel into the bloodstream and is then transported to the cells to supply them with energy. In type II diabetes, this entry of glucose from the bloodstream into the cell fails to occur thanks to a phenomenon called insulin resistance.

The excess quantity of sugar within the bloodstream and therefore the lack of glucose supplying energy to the cells can cause fatigue. People will notice that they need low energy levels and no interest in doing certain activities that they previously wont to enjoy. Other symptoms of diabetes include excessive urination, frequent consumption of water, weight loss and an increased chance of developing infections.

Diabetes are often easily managed through diet and exercise. Choosing foods that have a coffee glycaemic index is extremely important. Mix and match various fruits and vegetables as a neighborhood of your daily diet. it’s advised that folks take up some sort of aerobics which will burn excessive sugar and lower weight . Brisk walking for 45 minutes each day , running, swimming or any sort of aerobics is typically enough. Diet and lifestyle changes are the foremost important management strategies in diabetes.

Heart Failure:

A rare condition of fatigue may be a weak heart. This weakening of the guts may occur following a virus infection or a attack . The pumping efficiency of the guts reduces, and consequently insufficient blood reaches the vital organs. This results in fatigue.

Heart failure (medical term for a weak heart) also can cause breathing difficulty, reduced ability to exercise, breathing problems when sleeping and weight gain from accumulation of fluid within the body. It are often diagnosed by tests like an electrocardiogram and an echocardiogram. Once diagnosed, medications are going to be prescribed that might improve heart function and restore quality of life to some extent.

Fatigue is that the commonest symptom of coronary failure , and is unfortunately very difficult to urge obviate when present, despite adequate medical therapy.

Feeling excessively tired is one among the foremost common reasons why people visit doctors in India. There are variety of reasons why this might happen and extensive investigations are often needed.

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