AC Milan Player Salaries – AC Milan went through a massive overhaul in the summer transfer window during the session 2017-2018. It has been reported that the AC Milan club made enormous adjustments not only domestically but also on the international grounds. All of this happened after the AC Milan brought in the new Chief, and a handsome amount of AC Milan’s shares were sold to Rossoneri Sports Investment Lux – a company linked to Chinese Businessman Younghong Li. The same person is the AC Milan club’s new owner and chairman. AC Milan rose up to the second highest wage bill on the list when it brought in a great many players with an expenditure of one hundred and seventy five million pounds (£175.05 Million), at the least. The list of all the new inductees, their agreements and paybills is listed below:

As is the case with Italian Serie A that no matter how amazing AC Milan perform at home,  they somehow fail to claim the international grounds. But this year AC Milan has made some major investments buying a great many highly payed players, this clearly shows the club’s enthusiasm towards the fight against the European nations. Although with this strategy they have increased their paybills enormously. According to the news, what was around one hundred and one million euros (101 Million Euros) before, now sums up to no less than one hundred and fifty million euros (150 Million Euros).

AC Milan 2017-18 Wagebills:

Its sums up to a total of one hundred and forty five million euros (145 Million Euros) , in which the player at the top is Leonardo Bonucci who cost 6 million euros per year. Total investments during the transfers is reported to be somewhere near 190 million euros.

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