Dani Levy Biography and Facts

Dani Levy is a famous actor, Swiss filmmaker, screen writer and theatrical director and he is best known for his unique works. He was born on November 17, 1957 in Switzerland. He worked a lot in the field of acting and got great reputation. He worked a lot in movies. He is a thorough gentleman. He is a man of strong and brave personality. He possesses a daring character. His movies in which he did a lot of work are “My Fuhrer The Really 2007″,”Go for zucker2004″,”Die weltder wunderlic hs 2016”.He got a lot of fame in acting field. Danni levy had four children. Their names are “Joshua, Oliver, Chloe, Gabriella”. His children are very intelligent, sharp minded and beautiful. This article would provide you a lot of information about Danni levy. If you are a fan of Danni levy just forget everything and read this article to know everything about this marvelous personality.

Quick Facts

Full Name Denielle levy
Nationality British
Famous for Acting, theatrial work.
Date of Birth November 17, 1957.
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Birth place Switzerland
Height 5’4”approximately (1.63m)
Father Cassie Anne Rowan
Mother Ruth Goldberg
Spouse Kevin Jonas
Children Joshua ,Oliver, Chloe, Gabriella
Net Worth $208637(Estimated in  Jan , 2017)

Childhood and Early Life:

The childhood of Danni levy was marvelous. He use to visit his other Friends  in clubs, parks as well as at different Entertaining places. He belongs to a very rich  and respectable family in Switzerland. He mostly use to watch movies as well as different Entertaining activities. Levy said that he was influenced by the theory of Swiss-based Psychologist Alice Miller published in 1980 that something must have gone wrong with Hitler in his childhood. His 1995 film named “Stille Macht won” was an honourable mention at the 46th berlin International Film festival. He is considered as one of the founder of this acting field.


As discussed above that Danny was a filmmaker, theatrical director, screen writer and actor. He worked a lot in different movies and tried to earn more money and fame. He did a lot of work in acting field with different people. His work was really appreciated and admired. He did a lot of work in movies just to improve and polish his skills of acting in acting field. These works also earned a lot of local fame that gave him courage to move forward with elegance.

Charity Works:

Danni levy did a lot of charity works in his life. But in fact, a lot of charity work is devoted to dealing with the fundamental causes of problems. For example trying to reduce global poverty or doing research into diseases like cancer. Dr. Levy is in favor of redistributing resources from the rich towards the poor. His argument is with the method of doing this on 27th July, 2014. Danni did Glasgow 2014’s linked -up with UNICEF. Let governments off the hook ask Danni Garavelli….. Dani Garavelli Games makes golden charity gesture….In his book against Philanthropy, Australian Dr. Neil Levy argues that large-scale charitable giving carries with its serious risks of changing the balance of Philanthropy. Dani levy is always try to do a lot of charity works for the poor people of the society. He always tried to help the poor and needy people of the society. Dani opened a lot of charity centers for the poor and needy people of the whole society.

Major Works:

Danni levy did a lot of work besides acting and making movies. One of his famous work was YES ASIA. All Products-Free shipping. In such a workDanni levy did work at all products at YesAsia.com with free International shipping. Another effort of his work was Facebook. Namely Danni is on Facebook. Joining facebook is to connect with dani levy and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world. He is also a great businessman and current chairman of Premier league football side named Tottenham Hotspur and has been since 2001. Another major work of Danni Levy is his lab. The major focus of his laboratory is to elucidate the biological role of lysine methylation in the modulation of intracellular signaling pathways. On October 12, 2016-The movie director Dani Levy is considered as one of the most famous personality and also with a comedy on Jews that was present now-a-days in Germany. Dani levy has participated in another movie that was based on Hitler. He decided to come back again with new skills and he got a lot of reputation in his acting field. Dani levy said that he wanted to make a movie that should be packed with hatred which I had other movies in the country related to Nazi’s which I thought do not work at all. Dani said that I would earn as much fame as I can. Dani is considered as one of the best and famous actor, theatrical director and movie maker of his time. Whenever he got any sort of task related to his field he tried to accomplish his task in the best possible manner. Dani always tried to complete his work with devotion, honesty and with great hard work.

Personal Life:

Danni levy is really famous in Switzerland. He is best known for Go for Zucker (2004), stille Nacht (1995). Danni levy was married with Tracey. God blessed them with  four children .Their names are Joshua , Oliver, Chloe and Gabriella. Dani always try to have friendship with his colleagues .He always want to give a positive message to his friends as well as people belonging to his acting field. Dani levy does not want other person interfare in his family matters. Dani Levy is the one who always try to work hard and always try to support others. One of his favourite passion is to support the poor people of society. Dani is the person who does not compromise on principles. He was a man of strong character. He is very loving and caring for his family. His family consist of one wife and four children.

Net Worth:

Dani Levy has an estimated net worth of almost $208637 (estimated on 6th January 2017).

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